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Investigroup NP is a NJ Nonprofit 501(C) 3 Corporation and Investigroup Foundation is duly registered in Ghana, specializes in helping underserved and underprivileged communities. Our focus include: 1. Providing medical supplies and equipments to underprivileged medical facilities 2. Facilitating educational excellence 3. Feeding the poor and hungry We are pursuing partners for medical supplies and equipment for selected health care providers in Ghana, Africa. We have the capacity to purchase and ship these essential items to hospitals in Ghana and assure they reach the patients in need. Investigroup NP administers a variety of programs funded by public and private sources, with an emphasis on health care. Investigroup NP is currently working with Ghana’s most advanced hospitals, Korle-Bu located in the capital city of Accra, We’re well on our way to becoming the exclusive supplier of medical goods and equipment in Ghana and Africa, with the sole purpose of helping to prevent unnecessary deaths and serious illnesses.
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Investigroup NP is service-oriented and always looking to help communities in need through a variety of methods. Our goal is to improve health care in under privileged countries. We are committed to sending medical supplies to the hospitals of Ghana to assist in their quest to fight diseases. Additional medical challenges include: TB, HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Measles, malnutrition, and waterborne diseases. The provision of medical supplies and equipment will help alleviate these medical challenges.
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We’re trusted by 9,8750 donors

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We’re trusted by 9,8750 donors

In the last several years, Ghana has passed several crucial health policies and created various commissions in order to administer and monitor health needs and services. Despite their efforts, they are faced with challenges that exceed their present capabilities. That is why we, Investigroup NP, have made it our mission to assist underprivileged countries, such as Ghana, to improve health care and quality of life for these communities.
The statistics below demonstrate how serious an issue health care and medical practices are in Ghana, and why it is necessary for Investigroup NP to help the people in this nation, and other countries worldwide.
Total Population: 23,832,495 (July 2009 Est.)
Life Expectancy at Birth: 59.85 years (2009 Est.)
Infant Mortality Rate: 51.09% (2009 Est.)
Population Below Poverty Line: 28.5% (2007 Est.)
HIV/AIDS Adult Prevalence Rate: 1.9% (2009 Est.)
People Living with HIV/AIDS: 260,000 (2008 Est.)
Tuberculosis Death Rate: 8,000 (2002 Est.) The above statistics were taken from the CIA World Factbook and the World Health Organization, with the exception of the number of orphans in Ghana due to AIDS, which was provided by the Kaiser Family Foundation.