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Investigroup NP is a NJ Nonprofit 501(C) 3 Corporation and Investigroup Foundation is duly registered in Ghana, specializes in helping underserved and underprivileged communities. Our focus include: 1. Providing medical supplies and equipments to underprivileged medical facilities 2. Facilitating educational excellence 3. Feeding the poor and hungry We are pursuing partners for medical supplies and equipment for selected health care providers in Ghana, Africa. We have the capacity to purchase and ship these essential items to hospitals in Ghana and assure they reach the patients in need. Investigroup NP administers a variety of programs funded by public and private sources, with an emphasis on health care. Investigroup NP is currently working with Ghana’s most advanced hospitals, Korle-Bu located in the capital city of Accra, We’re well on our way to becoming the exclusive supplier of medical goods and equipment in Ghana and Africa, with the sole purpose of helping to prevent unnecessary deaths and serious illnesses.
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Healthy Products

We are pursuing partners for medical supplies and equipment for selected health care providers in Ghana, Africa. Donate

Clean Water

With our water is life campaign we are striving to help provide quality drinking water to African countries Donate

Medical Treatment

With the provision of medical supplies and equipment for selected health providers quality health care is provided . Donate

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There are a number of costs associated with providing medical relief to Ghana and other countries. Investigroup NP needs the help of businesses and individuals like you. Our goal is to purchase and ship the following medical equipment to assist in the improvement of healthcare in Ghana:

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